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Tenjaku Gin 700ml

Tenjaku Gin 700ml

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Tenjaku Gin combines a distillation composed of more than 10 refreshing botanicals with a distinct Japanese essence: fresh, seasonal peaches from the Yamanashi region, sansho pepper, with a unique zest not found in Western spices, yuzu, with its aroma evocative of Japan, and green tea, with its appealing astringent and herbal aroma. Together, these flavors create a botanical gin with one-of-a-kind, authentic taste.

Botanicals include: juniper, orange peel, yuzu, sansho pepper, angelica root, cassia bark, green tea, and peach juice.

Tenjaku Gin earned 93 points at the New York International Spirits Competition and was awarded the 2022 Japanese Distillery of the Year.

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